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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing Nutrition Response Testing has been shown to help with many chronic conditions including but not limited to Fatigue, Allergies, Digestive Issues, Painful joints, Weight Issues,…etc . Nutrition Response Testing is a non invasive technique of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of health problems. This is done by testing the body’s neurologic reflexes. Once the assessment is … Read more

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Why Do You Treat Your Body Badly

It always amazes me to see human beings taking care of their automobile. They wash it, talk to it and even take it in for their maintenance …oil change, fluids filled, rotate the tires , provide the proper gas so that it can drive nicely and to prevent from many breakdowns and hopefully last for a long time. Do you know what’s so amazing? … Read more

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Symptoms and the Chiropractic Lifestyle

Would you rather be healthy or just feel good? It surprises many patients when they discover chiropractic doctors don’t treat symptoms. A traditional medical approach works on symptoms by using drugs or surgery to numb, slow down, speed up, or cut out the malfunctioning body part. Instead, chiropractic doctors find the underlying cause(s) of your ache or pain, and correct it. This improves symptoms … Read more

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