Conditions Treated

Types Of Symptoms, Pain And Conditions Successfully Treated

Welcome to the conditions successfully treated by Dr. Angulo for the last two decades section of our patient focused website.

Now you can quickly discover, in great detail, some of the most common symptoms and chronic conditions that medical science has been baffled by for centuries failing to correct, with pills, potions, and lotions.

Dr. Louis Angulo   provides a result oriented healthcare to his patients in the last 20 years in private practice.

Dr. Angulo has seen patients in Florida, New Jersey, and New York successfully removing their constant, nagging, and debilitating pain within weeks of starting their corrective care program.

Manhattan Chiropractor Successfully Treats Painful Conditions With Chiropractic care providing “pain free peak performance” along with a state of wellbeing for his patients.

Serious pain relief starts with an understanding of these common complaints that make you feel a lot older than what you really are.  Which ranges from back pain, headaches, hip, knee even ankle problems to carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow pain.

In fact, constant pain in any area along the spine and extremities are a perfect candidate for safe, effective, non-invasive chiropractic care.   Symptoms successfully treated by Dr. Angulo include this short list:

  • Lower back pain and stiffness
  • Neck and upper back pain and stiffness
  • Mid back pain and stiffness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Leg pain, weakness, numbness and tingling
  • Arm pain, loss of strength, numbness and tingling
  • Temporal joint pain and dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Common Injuries Successfully Treated By Manhattan Chiropractor Dr. Louis Angulo:

Dr. Angulo has successfully treated all kinds of sport related injuries recognizing the uniqueness of each patient to get well.

  • Auto accident crashes and whiplash neck pain
  • On-the-job injuries
  • Sport and athletic injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Old chronic injuries

Non-Musculoskeletal Ailments Successfully Managed By A Manhattan Chiropractor

In addition to treating musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Angulo as a chiropractor has also helped many patients who suffer from   stress and low energy levels by providing nutritional, exercise and health guidance.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (or low energy levels)

This portion of the website allows us to provide you (our new patient) a unique prospective with cutting edge information and the latest clinical studies about your health condition.  That way you can make an informed choice in regards to your health.

In addition, having a better understanding of what is wrong with you (and why you are suffering with constant pain) has been shown to significantly increase the resolution and outcome of your condition.

If you are currently suffering with a debilitating chronic neck, back, or joint pain and are serious about discovering a unique clinically proven way of feeling better, and are sincere about getting rid of your pain once and for all simply leave us your first name and primary e-mail address.

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Now is the time to feel, look, and be young once again, getting the most out of life!   If you’re over the age of 45 you’ve already started to notice a decline in your physical strength, stamina, and ability to deal with joint pain.

You could already be suffering from chronic, debilitating, nagging back, hip, or knee pain.  If you have a serious health problem and you’re not sure we can successfully treat, call our office anyway, today!

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