About Back Together Again Chiropractic

Back pain specialist in Manhattan offering effective relief so you can get back to training, playing sports, and enjoying life. Learn more.

Back Together Again Chiropractic is a private practice located in the upper west side of Manhattan. We concentrate and focus on relieving back pain so that you can get back to training, playing sports, focus on work and play with your kids.

Our Mission
Is to help our patients achieve pain- free lifestyle.

Our mission is to educate our patients on how to improve their posture while standing, sitting and looking at their iPhone.

First of all Dr.Angulo has been an active athlete for 35 years who has trained in the martial arts, bodybuilding, strength training and the latest craze Crossfit.

Dr. Angulo uses a systematic 3 stage approach to help get rid of back pain.

We respect your time therefore we do not double book.

Our patients are treated as though they were  our own members of our family  and treated with great care and the utmost of respect.

About Dr. Angulo
Doctor of Chiropractic – Pain Management And
Peak Physical Conditioning Professional

Dr. Angulo grew up right here in Queens County, New York. While attending St. Francis Prep High School, he suffered a Lower back injury while trying to help an elderly lady who’s car was stuck in a sheet of ice and unknowingly had her emergency brakes on. After a heroic effort, Dr. Angulo slowly turned into the Hunch back of Notre Dame as the muscles in his lower back severely spasmed making walking , sitting or any activity painful. He was sentenced to the floor the whole weekend. Having a medical doctor as a father he resorted to pain medication and anti inflammatories with no beneficial effect.

While looking into other forms of treatment for his pain and injury, he stumbled upon chiropractic care. After two sessions, he was able to walk and move again.

He quickly discovered chiropractic’s philosophy (way of looking at) wellness and disease processes to be extremely appealing to his personal belief system and mindset. Since Dr. Angulo was so heavily involved in strength training, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, and actively participating in every sport imaginable under the sun.

He enrolled in the world’s largest Chiropractic College, Life University School of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia . When he started regular chiropractic treatment, his lower back pain that had overwhelmed and weighted him down since early childhood and exacerbated with the auto incident mentioned above, never returned, as if a miracle had happened.

Dr. Angulo has always looked for unique, cutting edge treatment protocols that never strayed from his course of chosen career or his goal of helping as many people as possible reach their optimum health potential through chiropractic care.

Dr.Angulo not only uses the latest chiropractic treatment protocols in his Manhattan office, but provides a comprehensive system and chiropractic pain management protocol called ART (which stands for Active Release Technique), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) therapies and Cranial Release technique.

He also provides a wide assortment of natural healthcare: personalized supplementation program which is designed for his patients unique needs, trigger point therapy along with rehabilitative exercise.

This allows Dr. Angulo to remain focused on the unique needs each patient presents themselves with at his upper west side Manhattan location. Patients who are now baby-boomers seek out Dr. Angulo’s gifted treatment protocols to achieve pain free peak physical performance, both in and out of the gym.

Many times these patients feeling decades younger, and able to return to vigorously train at the gym, achieving outrageous results due feeling free of chronic and lingering musculoskeletal pain. Please make sure to read some of our patient success stories and case studies.