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Prevention = Improvement + Health

This equation can be used in just about anything. For example brushing your teeth, using dental floss,limiting sugary treats and soda and yearly dental visit = healthier gums and teeth Spinal exercises, Graston Technique, A.R.T. and  maintenance chiropractic treatment= healthier spine , posture and movement.

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Low back exercises to help with pain

There are many exercises that can help with pain. But if movement is a struggle, Rocking and or the Child Pose is a great start. Get on your hands and knees and make sure that the shoulders are aligned with hands and hips with knees… then you can start rocking back and forth gently by bringing your butt towards your feet little by little … Read more

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Sports Chiropractic In New York City

Proper movement is critical for pain free peak performance and proper function.  When joint function is abnormal, there is decreased range of motion, scar tissue, pain, swelling, and calcium buildup.  Which all lead to decreased performance to athletes. Micro-injures that are caused by repetitive motions, improper lifting technique, overexertion, falls, slips, accidents, and other causes.   What you need to know as a consumer of … Read more

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