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Neck Exercise to counter Text Neck Pain

Ever wonder why so many of us are complaining of Neck pain? Just look at your smart phone. There you go. That’s why. When you look down at your phone your creating 60 pounds of pressure on your neck. Doing this everyday can cause neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments along with A.R.T. and Graston Therapy can help with neck pain paired with the chin tuck … Read more

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Neck Pain In New York

So, what do most people do when they have severe, knife like, stabbing neck pain? They take over the counter medications to hide and cover up the problem with Tylenol, aspirin, creams or simply treat these symptoms with muscle relaxers, massage, and hot packs. One thing you should know about neck pain is that it isn’t caused by a lack of aspirin or medications! … Read more

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