Painful Spinal Problems In New York City

Many patients ask me, “What’s a subluxation?”banner1

A spinal subluxation will turn into a very painful spinal degenerative condition known as spinal osteo-arthritis, which is how your body adapts to improperly moving spinal bones. By going to a chiropractor early enough these problems can be headed off at the pass. With conservative chiropractic treatment this degenerative condition can be slowed down, stopped, and possibly reverse in the early stages of this devastating painful process.

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Types Of Spinal Problems…

Mobility is the key to pain free living. Regular chiropractic care helps to promote proper spinal joint
function and movement as well as regular muscle therapy.

Usually seen as the misalignment and compression of spinal nerves. Normal spinal motion, curves in the neck, mid-back, and lower spine is critical to long term pain free wellness. Because your body adapts so well to abnormal spinal motion , many times it gives NO warning signs of pain. If left undetected, spinal degeneration will continue.

Viewed on X-ray the spine will show visible signs of bone spurs and rough edges on spinal segments. Soft tissue changes, such as decreased disc height and ligaments degenerate from the lack of normal spinal movement. Again, symptoms or pain may or may not be present.

A lifetime of spinal neglect will eventually lead to spinal fusion of the malfunctioning vertebral segments. Atrophy, permanent nerve damage, and soft tissue changes. Decreased range of motion, loss of mobility and damaged nerve function can lead to diminished quality of life.

Spinal Degeneration is a process.

Regardless of your age, when spinal damage goes on for years uncorrected, the body deposits calcium on the surface of spinal bones that aren’t moving properly, fusing them together.

If neglected over a prolonged period of time, this splinting effect can result in complete loss of mobility and spinal fusion. This worsening process is known as Subluxation Degeneration and can occur throughout your lifetime.

Chiropractic Treatment In New York City Is A Lifestyle

Just so you know, chiropractors are experts in the detection and correction of spinal misalignments that cause damage to nerves, muscles and connective tissues that make up about 60% of your body. All of the joints in your body are known as the musculo-skeletal system and its optimal function is necessary for overall health, and well being.

Call my office today and ask for Dr. Louis Angulo at (212)769-9065 for more information about natural pain management and conservative program that may include specific spinal adjustments, muscle and fascial therapy, rehabilitative exercises and nutritional advice. Which will be based on your health history, age, current lifestyle, diagnostic findings, and present symptoms.

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