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Painful Spinal Problems In New York City

Many patients ask me, “What’s a subluxation?” A spinal subluxation will turn into a very painful spinal degenerative condition known as spinal osteo-arthritis, which is how your body adapts to improperly moving spinal bones. By going to a chiropractor early enough these problems can be headed off at the pass. With conservative chiropractic treatment this degenerative condition can be slowed down, stopped, and possibly … Read more

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Treating Carpal Tunnel With Chiropractic In New York City…

Many patients often ask me, “Dr. Angulo how can chiropractic adjustments help with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?” Here’s my standard answer… The nervous system controls all major body function. The median nerve controls the thumb, index, parts of the middle finger. From the tip of your fingers, it travels through the bones of the wrist, past your elbow, up your arm, through your shoulder and … Read more

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